Meet Dr. Dennis Holmes

Breast Cancer Surgeon and Cancer Researcher

EXPERT. Dr. Holmes is an internationally-renowned dedicated breast surgeon and cancer researcher who has held the position of Breast Center Medical Director at multiple hospitals in Los Angeles. 

INNOVATOR. Widely respected by colleagues for his innovative approach to breast cancer care, Dr. Holmes has gained worldwide acclaim for his pioneering research in intraoperative radiotherapy and cryoablation (tumor freezing). He currently serves as National Co-Chair of the TARGIT U.S. Registry clinical trial and as National Principal Investigator of the FROST Trial, a clinical trial evaluating the use of cryoablation instead of surgery for the treatment of early stage breast cancer. In addition, he has been a pioneer in the field of minimally-invasive breast surgery, including intraoperative radiotherapy, oncoplastic surgery, and lymph node-sparing surgery. 

LEADER. Dr. Holmes serves in the leadership of several national surgical societies and is a frequent lecturer at conferences internationally. Dr. Holmes is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and currently serves as President of the TARGIT Collaborative Group, a national intraoperative radiotherapy research and education organization, and Conference Program Chair of the 20th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the nation’s largest breast surgeon society. 

ADVOCATE. Dr. Holmes is a strong advocate for individualized or personalized cancer therapy that adapts the extent of care to the severity of the cancer, minimizing unnecessary side effects. It is from this perspective that Dr. Holmes views cryoablation. Dr. Holmes sees opportunities to optimize cancer control as well as patient quality of life. However, what distinguishes Dr. Holmes most is his high level of commitment to providing women with treatment options that suit their physical and emotional needs while also managing the breast cancer problem effectively. 


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(Greek Cryo = ice cold, frost; Latin Ablate = take away, remove)