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Although the future of cryoablation is promising, there is still much work to be done to make cryoablation a standard option in the management of breast cancer. This challenge is made even greater by the fact that cryoablation is a “disruptive” technology that significantly alters how women go about receiving breast cancer care. Without surgery, there is less need for medical devices to improve the outcome of breast surgery or breast reconstruction. And with the potential to enhanced the immune response, the need for anticancer drugs will also likely to be reduced. While these “disruptions” are great news for women, they also mean that researchers like myself cannot count on medical device and pharmaceutical companies, who generally have different financial incentives, to enthusiastically support cryoablation research.  


That’s why your support is so vital!


I've always considered breast cancer research a “team sport” involving researchers like myself who are inspired by and supported by women like yourself who challenge us to constantly improve breast cancer treatment options. I have accepted this challenge and I ask you to do so as well by making a recurring or one-time donation to the Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support my ongoing research. 


The Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, non-for-profit foundation named after Ms. Helen Rey, a breast cancer survivor and nurse whose generous bequest has contributed significantly to the success of my research.  

All donations to the Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation are 100% tax-deductible (TAX ID#: 81-4236238).  


Donations will be used exclusively to support the following cryoablation research priorities:  


  1. Understanding the immune system effects of cryoablation;

  2. Investigating the use of cryoablation in the management of ductal carcinoma in situ;

  3. Characterizing the radiographic features after cryoablation aid follow-up screening and detection of recurrence;

  4. Expanding the use of cryoablation in the management of early and advanced stage invasive breast cancer.


Through the Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Dr. Holmes will be able to sustain recurring research equipment and supplies expenses, research coordinator personnel expenses, and institutional review board fees, as well as access to cryoablation research for women who may face financial barriers.

Donations may to submitted online at the Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation website.


Or mailed to:

Helen Rey Breast Cancer Research Foundation

5757 Wilshire Blvd, PH5

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(For: "Cryoablation Research")

For more information or If you would like to be contacted about a charitable bequest or to arrange a recurring (e.g., monthly, quarterly, yearly) donation, please contact us at  

818-539-1985 or


Thanks for your support!

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