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Out-of-Town Patients

We are honored that you are interested in traveling to Los Angeles for cancer care. We understand how important this treatment is for you and your family. It is a privilege for us to help you get through this challenging health moment in your life. 


Many of our cryoablation patients come to us from places as far as Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Eastern Europe and many cities across the U.S. We will do our best to help coordinate with your local healthcare providers and transition your care back to your local healthcare providers. Long after cryoablation is performed, we will also be available to help you make treatment and follow-up decisions related to cryoablation.


Interested in a clinical trial? Living out of town does not prevent you from participating in cryoablation clinical trials. After a brief visit to Los Angeles for cryoablation, we can coordinate your follow-up care with your local healthcare providers to ensure that you remain compliant with clinical trial requirements.  


Planning Your Visit 


To make the process as smooth as possible, we have assembled a list of helpful resources for planning your visit and stay:


  1. How long should you plan your stay?  Cryoablation procedure are usually performed on Thursdays. In general, you will be advised to arrive in Los Angeles 1 day before the procedure. You will be given an appointment with Dr. Holmes on either a Wednesday or Thursday during which he will examine you and review the details of the cryoablation procedure. You will be asked to complete the informed consent document.   

  2. The cryoablation procedure will usually last 1 hour for one cryoablation procedure, but longer treatments are needed for larger cancers. You will be free to return to your place of accommodations immediately after the procedure.  You will be given an appointment with Dr. Holmes for a brief office visit the following morning after which you will be free to leave town.

  3. In some cases, it will be necessary for you to arrive a day earlier or stay a little longer if you have agreed to undergo an additional radiology procedure here in Los Angeles. Examples of additional procedure include additional breast imaging, placement of an ultrasound visible marker to facilitate cryoablation, or a lymph node biopsy if it is needed to complete staging or treatment of your breast cancer. 

  4. Office location. The office location where cryoablation is performed is located in Glendale, CA, in Los Angeles County, 8 miles (12.8 km) from downtown Los Angeles.  The office is located on the campus of Adventist Health Glendale Medical Center at the intersection of the #2 and #134 Freeways. The exact office address is The Sam and Grace Carvajal Comprehensive Breast Center, 1505 Wilson Terrace, Suite 370, Glendale, CA 91206, located on the 3rd Floor of the Physician Medical Terrance (see large red arrow on map below).  See Google Maps for additional location information


3. Airports. The closest domestic airport to the Glendale office location is Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR)  located 9.9 miles (15.9 km) away or a 15-30 minute drive depending on traffic and time of day.  The closest international airport is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) located 27 mile (43.5 km) away or a 45-120 minute drive depending on traffic and time of day. 


4.  Hotels. The following hotel are recommended in the Glendale area. They do not provide shuttle service to the hospital but car service can be arranged. and are readily available. 

Embassy Suite. 800 North Central Avenue, Glendale, CA 91203, Phone: 1-818-550-0828  (Located 2.3 miles of 3.7 km from office)

Hilton – Glendale.  100 West Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA 91202, Phone: 1-818-956-5466  (Located 2.5 miles or 4 km from office) is another popular service for residential room, apartments, or home rentals.


5.  Local Transportation. Los Angeles is a “car city.” There are no convenient public transportation services. and are popular modes of transportation. Car Rental Services are available offsite at each airport.

6. Onsite Parking. Turn into the main medical center entrance off Wilson Terrace to enter the East Parking Lot. Proceed straight up the driveway and enter the parking structure. Parking is free for the first ten minutes, $1.50 for the first 20 minutes with an increase of $1.00 for each additional 20 minutes thereafter, up to a maximum of $6.50/day. There is valet parking service at an additional cost in front of the entrance to the Physician Medical Terrace, which you may access by bypassing the East Parking Lot entrance gate and continuing around the U-shaped driveway encircling the parking lot to the entrance of the Physician Medical Terrace building. Parking is not validated by our office.

7. Entertainment.  There's more than enough to do in Los Angeles on a short visit.  However, since most of your time will likely be spent in or near Glendale, we recommend that you check out local Glendale venues.  Most nearby attractions are located in downtown Glendale 2 miles (3.1 km) or 10 minute from the medical campus.  One special downtown Glendale attraction is an elegant outdoor mall/shopping center called the Americana at Brand.

8. Other resources.  You can check out this Issue ( for additional Glendale recommendations.

Safe Travels!

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