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Here you will find the final draft of a medical journal article that I submitted for publication in a medical journal.  As a long-time patient advocate, cryoablation advocate, and physician educator with 20 years' experience performing and teaching cryoablation, it is my mission to ensure that patients seeking cryoablation and the doctors caring for them are properly informed about cryoablation and how it fits within the overall management of breast cancer.

In addition, you can invited to view the two-part video presentation of the topic.  Please see below.

Please submit comments and questions to  


Dennis R. Holmes, MD, FACS

Breast Cryoablation Guideline Videos

Breast Cryoablation Guideline  Video : Part 1 of 2

Breast Cryoablation Guideline  Video : Part 2 of 2


I welcome your comments and questions regarding this draft.

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