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Financial Matters

Although Dr. Holmes accepts insurance for most healthcare services, the current insurance reimbursement environment for cryoablation does not permit Dr. Holmes to accept insurance or Medicare for cryoablation procedures. Consequently, cryoablation is administered by Dr. Holmes via a separate business entity, Better Options Breast Cancer, Inc., which is an Out-Of-Network entity for all health insurers, including Medicare and MediCal.


This decision has come as a result of our desire to put your care first and to not deprive you of treatment options that are restricted by insurance company paperwork, contractual requirements, or inadequate insurance or Medicare/MediCal coverage or reimbursements. Sometimes new breast cancer treatment options become available to patients before the healthcare industry figures out a way to ensure that healthcare providers receive adequate payment to cover the cost of the procedure, essential equipment, and personnel.  To ensure that you have direct access to a beneficial breast care treatment, Better Options Breast Care, Inc. provides an opportunity for you to receive care without going through your health plan. 

Better Options Breast Care, Inc. welcomes you as a cash-paying patient since it does not have any type of contract or legal agreement with your health plan. A notable exception to this rule is that participants in cryoablation clinical trials are generally not billed for the cost of cryoablation if their health plan does not cover the procedure.  

Payments for cryoablation may be made using cash, credit cards, wire transfer, Zelle, or cashier's checks made out to Better Options Breast Care, Inc. Regular bank checks are not accepted. Better Options Breast Care, Inc. also utilizes CareCreditwhich helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you and your family. Once you are approved, you can use it again and again* to help manage health, wellness and beauty costs not covered by insurance. 


Learn more about CareCredit at or 1-800-677-0718.  You can also watch the following video about how CareCredit works:


You can select Better Options Breast Care, Inc. or Dennis R. Holmes as your provider.


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