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Featured Books

"Protect Your Breasts"


by Ingrid Edstrom, FNP, M.Ed.

Protect your breasts.jpg

“Protect Your Breasts" presents a comprehensive overview of breast healthcare, including a Proactive Breast Wellness program that outlines multiple strategies to reduce the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.  The book also provides an excellent discussion of cryoablation or tumor freezing as a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of breast cancer. Furthermore, “The Early Freeze Protocol” proposes a novel strategy for facilitating the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer while also reducing the physical and emotional burden that typically accompanies diagnosis and treatment.  In the context of Patient Centered Care, Protect Your Breasts is a worthy read”!  

-- Dennis R. Holmes, MD, FACS

"Modern Cryosurgery For Cancer"

by Kecheng Xu, MD

Nikolai N. Korpan, MD
Lizhi Niu, MD

Modern Cryosurgery for Cancer.jpg

"Modern Cryosurgery for Breast Cancer" is an authoritative textbook on cryosurgery (cryoablation) edited by three global pioneers from China and Austria. The textbook provides a comprehensive history of cryosurgery, a thorough discussion of the science of cryosurgery, and discussions of cryosurgery for various tumors: thoracic tumors, abdominal tumors, pelvic tumors, head and neck tumors, bone tumors and skin cancers. 

-- Dennis R. Holmes, MD, FACS


"They're Mine and I'm Keeping Them"


by Laura Ross-Paul,
Alex Paul,
Peter Littrup, MD

Theyare mine.jpg

"They're Mine and I'm Keeping Them" is a story of innovation, courage, and triumph. Laura Ross-Paul wanted to keep her breast after being diagnosed with breast cancer and facing a mastectomy as her only medical option. This is the story of how she and her husband bucked the system, found a doctor with advanced skill in the field of tumor freezing, who performed cryo-ablation, and ultimately saved her breast. The success of their collaboration makes breast conservation a realistic outcome of breast cancer treatment."  


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