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Cryoablation Breast Cancer

Tips for Traveling for Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

While you may find a breast specialist in your local community, sometimes you may want to travel for alternative breast cancer treatment. Cryoablation breast cancer treatment is a newer treatment that may not be performed everywhere.  If you are traveling, there are some things to keep in mind in order to make the journey a bit easier.


Use Airline Miles: Using an airline mileage credit card and accumulating points for discounts and free tickets can help ease some of the cost of traveling for cryoablation breast cancer treatment. Accept offers from friends and family members for points or miles. If you can be flexible in your travel plans then you can make the miles stretch further. You can even use airline miles to cover rental cars and hotel stays to help with some of the costs.


Plan Ahead: It helps to plan ahead to ease the stress of travel so you know where everything is located and where you need to be. Get in touch with the airline. Nearly every airline has medical teams that can prearrange any assistance or extra facilities you need. Get in touch with them as soon as you know about your travel plans to make the flight easier, such as early boarding or help with your bags.


Avoid the Risk of Infection: Be diligent with hand washing to avoid any nasty bugs that you may come in contact with during travel. These can harm your immune system.


Don’t Forget Your Medications: You want to be sure to pack all the medications you are currently on for any medical condition. Any controlled medication should be carried in your carry-on luggage in the original packaging, along with a doctor’s note. You should bring any liquid medications in your carry-on luggage as well since the package area on planes can get very cold, which could damage the medication. It’s a good idea to bring more medication than you think you need.


Stay Positive: Traveling during this difficult time can be especially hard. A positive attitude can make the journey easier so you can possibly enjoy it more. You can even try to make it your own little vacation. This can help you get and stay healthy so you can enjoy being cancer free and then travel to other fun places.


Be Sure to Listen to Your Body: You may not be able to go at a pace you are used to. Get plenty of rest and pay attention to how you are feeling. Give yourself plenty of extra time.

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